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Vircle is a circle providing you visibility and control into the expenditure you make for all aspects of your life that matter. Enabling a healthier and more responsible lifestyle.

Vircle has initially been designed as a cashless school and subsidy solution, where the payee controls what the purchaser can purchase, based on entitlements, and the actual cashless payment takes place in the background. Over time we envision it to become a key enabler of cashless payments across all sectors globally.

Our goal was to make Vircle instantly identifiable through a unique brand presence. Be it from their logo, tagline or even word of mouth, Vircle is, and will always be, recognised as a brand promoting healthy eating habits and nurture responsibility between parents and their children as they grow.



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Corporate Branding & Identity
Brand Strategy & Positioning
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Kuala Lumpur, MY


The Vircle concept was born out of a need, by the founder, to have some level of visibility and control over the food his children were consuming at school. The solution is based on the concept of entitlement – of which is derived from the media industry. Vircle enhances consumers’ ability to be responsible in their daily consumption of food and services and in their actual use of money. In essence, it enables healthier and more responsible living.

Let food be Thy medicine,
and medicine be Thy food
- Hippocrates

Our main objective is to enable parents to protect their children from unhealthy dietary habits upon purchasing their meals at schools, and to ensure proper spending and responsibility as they progress from primary to secondary school.


Positively impact Net Social Impact – by increasing the share of donations and subsidies that actually reach their intended target and purpose. Change the eating habits of children so that food becomes a preventative medicine and not a cause for obesity, diabetes and other health issues.

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