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We offer a full-fledged web design service based in Malaysia catering result-oriented in web design, development, maintenance, hosting, and marketing. We are passionate about creating one-of-a-kind, user-friendly and engaging websites enabling you to brand yourself and reach your target audience at the maximum possible.

As the leading creative agency, we take pride in building professional websites with high-quality UI/UX interface that will help our clients succeed by collaborating and working closely with them. With our experience, we will be able to customise our services to your needs.

Our Web Design Services

Web design services
We have surpassed the era of digital penetration where most organizations and businesses be it MNC, SME, startups to micro have already made websites mandatory to become more accessible for their customers. With the aid of methodical website design, business owners are able to create a welcoming online presence where users can access useful information about their business and act as a global frontliner. With an attractive website, you gain more screen time and that makes a difference in your mission delivery and can potentially turn leads into paying customers which leads to better business and revenue.
Web UI-UX design services from web design agency
The User Interface and User Experience is responsible for user satisfaction and it is not only visually but functionality. The top priority is to satisfy all pain-points of a customer through easy navigation by creating an empathetic user journey and winning the customers’ confidence in a short span of time. UI/UX key components are Visual Design, Usability, Information Architecture, Interaction Design and Wireframing. Most of these require a set of skills and experience.
Web design and development agency
Surely, a website can range from a simple one pager if you’re wanting to promote something or a small business to a more comprehensive twenty-five pager for more interactive communication. There are many ‘non-coding’ drag and drop builders in the market and true, it ain’t all that bad for starters. A more functional web application however, is far more focused on providing solutions by applying some human-computer interactions. In short, having a medium that you can input data and get solutions, output. Engineering such a process is web application development. Hefty tasks of development require three or four main roles, Design, Data, Front-end development and back-end development. Some businesses do not need a web application, but then again some businesses who do not need, tried and grew exponentially. We can help you with that decision making.
Web design agency offers mobile application development
The era of convenience is more now than ever. There seems to be a paradox between businesses and technology. Businesses must grow while tech is ever changing. There needs to be working in tandem and with harmony to not only stand out, but to serve world wide. Undoubtedly, our daily tasks, chores, and solutions rely on using mobile applications and we somehow cannot function without tapping on them every few times a day on our mobile phones. Smart businesses are shifting towards mobile applications because it’s too precious of a marketing and solutions tool to be left out. Hence, market opportunity. Some 90% of users' activity with mobile phones happens over applications. Question is, how do you know which mobile application developers to choose? Our top three advice would be; Find a company who takes time to understand your goals and not just your app requirements. Have a face-to-face or a video call to see if they are legit, dig in to their expertise and reputation and past works. Transparency, by gauging the conversation and findings, do talk about transparency about their plans for you, your business, and your mobile app. Good customer service and having developers that cares about you and your business goes a long way, because they grow only when you grow.
There are tons of computers and other electronic devices in the world used to view a website, web application and mobile applications. There are of course advantages in having a digital presence that can bring information and solutions to your customers and that is definitely a sure-fire way to bring your businesses to the next level. However, if done wrongly, you may not be providing a solution, instead creating more problems for your customers and we all don’t want that. If you’re not in the design tech industry, you may not find many problems while using today’s electronic devices for 2 main reasons, 1 being you don’t see minor errors as something critical, 2 being their graphic user interface has already gone through a series of stress tests before they go commercial. There’s a reason why they call the exercise, responsive design.
Web design company provides eCommerce Solutions
A platform that people can pay you to purchase goods, services or exchange data online while you sleep? Hell yeah! Embarking on the ecommerce vehicle sure tells you that you’re on the right track. An ecommerce statistic shows that there will be an estimation of 2.14 billion digital buyers in 2021. That means about 27% of the world is shopping online. Imagine earning a dollar from each of them per year. That being said, trust is hard to build but very easy to lose. Some 58% of consumers stop buying from a company due to poor customer experience. If left unchecked, it may cause a snowball effect on your business and the worst is expected to come. Take advantage of experienced agencies who have successfully helped organisations and businesses to ensure that a correct framework is applied and suited to match your goal. Tip: High investment cost of build is a greater deterrent reward than the price tag of Misfortune.
Web design & copywriting from best web design agency
Product tells, story sells. Where do we begin… There’s so much to talk about how good content and copywriting is conducted and how important it is related to SEO to your business. It’s all encompassing with your motive and mission of your business from branding, marketing, product functionality and qualities of your services that is then translated to resonate with your audiences. We call it a decision making journey. Quick question, which movie or TV show is memorable and you would most likely recommend to your friends and family? A good movie title with a bad storyline or a non-catchy title but with a kick-a** story? Often it’s the latter. Please do not mind us if we interrogate you about your business, if we happen to do your copy. We sometimes care too much. Click here to read about good SEO.
Web design agency Malaysia offers CMS integration
So you’ve done your website or applications, kudos! Let’s move on to managing the content or housekeeping. A Content Management System is an administrative tool that allows owners or admins to perform tasks such as create, edit or delete (to name a few) content in the simplest and convenient manner. There are some built-n CMSs that comes with some builders such as Wordpress, WIX, Joomla for websites and Shopify or WooCommerce for ecommerce. Yes they are pretty handy for a straightforward and simple to use for basic non-custom data management. However, there are pros and cons to relying on pre-made built-in CMS. Many of these lack the flexibility, limited functionality both input and output of data, design restrictions which makes it difficult to handle your own website. While CMSs allow you to create powerful websites, they do require extensive technical knowledge and experience.
Web design firm offers SEO services
SEO as the name suggests, is a set of tasks designed to improve a website’s ranking in search engines to increase traffic to the website. Before you write your content on your websites, keyword research should be conducted to find the rankings of words or phrases that are related to your topic. This allows search engines to study the correlations of your content to what your audiences are searching. Think of it as a matchmaker. Copywriting from title to subtitle, body to conclusion is the primary factor that puts your business in the front page of search engines, ie. Google. Lately, Google rankings algorithm has included User Experience (UX) as an integral part of the equation. This means, your SEO score depends on many aspects of how your audience behaves when they are on your website. Tough fortune cookie to crack, but very rewarding. How to get a good UX then? Click here.
Web design and development for landing pages
Why do we need to create separate landing pages and how is it beneficial for my business? Landing pages are critical in helping you generate leads, qualify them and drive them through the sales process to make them a paying customer. A landing page should be transparent and to showcase your offerings and have a Call-To-Action for conversion. Properly built, it can also act as a lead capture where you gain insightful data to better understand your customers and target market. Readers have about 8 seconds to decide if they should continue reading or opt-out. Some fun facts based on surveys; Only 50% of landing pages are optimized for mobile devices, properly targeted audience increases conversion by 300%, 1 second loading delay can cause -7% of conversions.
Web design company in Malaysia provides Server & System Administration
System administrators consist of 2 divisions, the Server Administration and Network Administration. The duties are wide-ranging and vary widely from one business to another. Mainly, they are responsible for installing, supporting, maintaining and must act as an emergency response team when a system goes haywire or offline. These mishaps can happen and are detrimental or worse fatal to your business. Most important factor when choosing a System Administration Agency is nonetheless problem solving and their attitude towards solving a problem.
Did you know that data is the new currency? Some highlights: Google processes 40,000 searches every minute. 456,000 tweets are sent every minute. 1.5 billion people are active every day. Impressive findings, but what good is there for me, you asked? Pardon us but if you don’t like numbers, you’re not very good at harnessing resources. Many data collection is used for analysis to fuel your consumers and encourage purchase by presenting products or services that are customized to their preferences. It all starts with strategy. It’s about what your business wants to achieve and how data analytics can help you get there. Some key elements are finding the right data, how you source them, how you can turn data to insights. Having no plans, is planning to fail.

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