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Marketing Tips For Your Brand

Date created 13/05/2021

Marketing is a much-needed component to grow your brand. Not only it’s expensive for many small businesses or startups; it requires plenty of ideas to craft and curate. This is why reaching out to your right target audience matters the most to maximise your ROMI (Return on marketing investment).

Here are some marketing tips and ways you can elevate your newly-established business without breaking the bank.

Word of mouth.
The conventional, albeit, slightly less-effective method. However, this is a great way to kickstart as it literally doesn’t cause you a single penny. Never depend on this method in the long run, though; unless if you’re a hardcore Elvis fan that’s somehow waiting for the 70’s to make a return (of which it never will in this digital day and age).

Brand it differently from the rest.
If you are selling products or services, always focus on its core strengths and let everyone know why differs from any competitors. To give it an added twist, make your brand distinctive and innovative as a whole; e.g. a bespoke identity, logo, name, colour and materials; or attractive banners, product placement and advertisements to lure viewers by wanting to learn more. Don’t hold back on creativity for this bit!

Social Media.
Facebook would be a great start, but your options are endless. If you fancy eye-catching visuals, then Instagram is a must as audiences plying their interest here do appreciate quality images being shared by various channels. LinkedIn, too, is a worthy proposition if your brand or service is directed towards the corporate sphere. For interactive videos, it’s none other than Youtube!

A good website.
Everyone’s on their phone these days, and research has shown that online shopping has grown tremendously over the years. There’s much to be made by selling your products on an attractive webpage; though a well-built example could demand quite an investment for start-ups or small businesses. Fret not, however — there are tons of free website builders out there for you to get started, and it doesn’t require you to learn technical wizardries to get one up and running.

Keep your marketing data up to date.
The most vital part to make your business succeed is to not only build a long-term marketing plan, but to create an effective one. Keep a look out at shifting consumer trends, your direct competitors and demand. Always be ready to adapt for changes when it’s necessary. Most importantly, streamline everything to maintain your brand’s identity, as this will greatly help your marketing needs.

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